linknyc.info is a geurilla, site-specific video installation for LinkNYC kiosks.
LinkNYC is a program that replaces New York City pay phones with kiosks that offer free wi-fi, internet browsing, and phone charging. Pitched as a municipal network, LinkNYC is funded by Google/Alphabet, with no public money spent on construction or operation costs.

linknyc.info uses free tools from Google to augment the perception of LinkNYC kiosks, and test the boundaries of pseudo-public spaces. Using the aesthetics of corporate personhood, the video's script (much of it lifted directly from the program's privacy policies) progresses from instructional to uncanny.

August 22nd 2016: A cease and desist letter was received from LinkNYC managing company Intersection asking for the removal of the work from http://linknyc.info.

September 15th 2016: Internet browsing was removed from all LinkNYC kiosks following complaints that the feature, pitched as a bridge for the digital divide, was too popular with houseless people.