The First Newspaper Photograph(s):
The Daily Graphic in New York City claims to have printed the first photographs in a newspaper. The first image is said to be the first image reproduced from a negative, and is an image of a piano store. The second image is said to be the first image reproduced in a newspaper using a halftone technique, and is off an informal settlement in New York City.
I'm thinking about how these two "firsts" representing opposite ends of a class divide.

Another Crisis in Photojournalism:
I'm currently thinking about the ability of photojournalism to adapt to events that increasingly happen online. While there is plenty of talk about technology-induced changes to the field, I don’t think there is enough talk about its increasing irrelevance in a world less able to be documented through lens-based technologies.

Below are collections of images that have been used by the New York Times to illustrate some major “digital” events—documenting the documentation as a first step in illustrating the need for a reevaluation of what we consider a photograph. Images are in chronological order, with blue images used to mark a story that had no image.