Project description:

As a photographer, I approach documentation with the knowledge that digital technology already autonomously catalogs my life, making easily available things I’d rather not have seen. This includes late nights out and embarrassing teenage experiences, as well as things with more subtle implications, such as interests perceived by others as suspicious.

This cataloging has affected the way I present myself in (pseudo-)public spaces as I find myself both avoiding and encouraging photography based on its perceived later life. This has rendered the camera both an ally and an enemy, and my work plays with this duality as I actively implicate myself in the technology I criticize.

How can I view myself the same way, externally, through social and political lenses, both metaphorical and literal? How am I seen to acquaintances? How am I seen to state surveillance? And, ultimately, how does an awareness of my external selves in turn dictate my internal actions, creating a feedback loop of actions?
Image description: a found Schultz brick on a crumpled brown paper backdrop. Lighting fixtures are visible in the left and right sides of the image.
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Image description: a can of organic pinto beans from Whole Foods in front of a crumpled brown paper background. Two pieces of blue masking tape mark the location of the can, and a third piece is in the top left corner of the image.
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