“The impact of literary pornography was initially limited to the literate upper and middle classes. But with the invention of photography and cheap methods of printing and distributing photographs by the late nineteenth century, the modern notion of pornography arrived. And it has never left. The wider audience prompted a particular hysteria that pornography was no longer produced just for those who presumably can 'handle it' (due to wealth, education, and privilege) and can pay for it in a manner that does not threaten the social fabric. Photography could be cheaply distributed and enjoyed by the unwashed, illiterate masses. And thus began the fear that porn could and would be the ruin of us all.”
Peter Lehman, "You and the Voyeurweb"
I remember growing up in the late-90s and thinking there was something wrong with my generation. Talk shows like Maury and Ricky Lake portrayed us as out-of-control wildlings who would do anything, sexual or otherwise, regardless of legality... (check back soon for full text).