(in collaboration with Alton Alburo) is a site specific video for LinkNYC kiosks.

LinkNYC is a program that replaces pay phones in New York City with kiosks that offer wifi, internet browsing, and phone charging. Pitched as a municipal network, LinkNYC is funded by Google, with no public money spent on construction or operation costs. uses tools from Google to augment the perception of LinkNYC kiosks, and test the boundaries of pseudo-public spaces.

August 22nd 2016: A cease and desist letter was received from LinkNYC managing company Intersection asking for the removal of the work from

September 15th 2016: Internet browsing was removed from all LinkNYC kiosks following complaints that the feature, pitched as a bridge for the digital divide, was too popular with the homeless.

Thanks to Tyler Byrnes, Dorian Carli-Jones, Joe Wright, everyone at Undiscovered Countries, and everyone who offered legal advice.