Homage to a Paper Degree

If you have something to say, speak up with authority and conviction. If not, sit down and shut up. We have to have the power, to tell the truth, to say whatever is necessary, whatever it is, no matter who it may hurt... Experts, scientists, PhDs, Souljah pays no homage to a paper degree. Sister Souljah. The Hate That Hate Produced.

For one year I cataloged anonymous, xenophobic posts from St. Cloud, MNs Craigslist. Digging my old high school computer out of a closet, I repurposed the machine to engage these posters. The hard drive, full of old selfies, was wiped, removed, and replaced with an anonymizing operating system. The posters' own words were then sent back to them as graffiti supposedly left on various buildings around my apartment in downtown St. Cloud.